Monday, September 10, 2012

The weekend before last and {BiTs & PieCeS}

The weekend before last...
in Texas...

Well, where should I start?  It was so bittersweet. We decided to take Tatum so she could see Momma Tex. Traveling a four hour trip with a two year old wet alot better than I envisioned it. We stopped in McAlester at the Ranch and visited with Nannie for about an hour, snacked on some goodies, Tatum had to ride the golf cart around, and we looked at Bizarre stuff. And the it was back on the road. The rest of the three hours she either slept or played with her baby dolls. Friday night, Momma Tex and Tex’s grand-momma took us out for dinner. Saturday, Momma Tex kept Tatum so me and Tex could drive to Ft. Worth where he’ll be working. It was a lonnnnng drive. We decided then and there that it was too long for him to drive there and back everyday. That was the bad part of the trip. Sunday, we had a family cookout for all the september birthdays.  There are three of us. After the cookout, Tex’s aunt & uncle {R & K} took us out to the most amazing restaurant I have ever been to. It was seafood and incredible delicious. It was great fun with family that we don’t get to see very often! And Monday was a sad day, we got in the pickup and had to go back to Oklahoma... 
Here are our {bits and pieces...}

one: yes, we let our 2yro drive.
two: small town saturday night.
three: auhhhh relaxation...
four: another pool pic.
five: nap time at mammy & pappy's.
six: where the green grass grows.
seven: road trippin'
eight: fried pickles and a shiner at Ketchup Burger Bar


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