Wednesday, April 25, 2012

a product review and a wedding story.

I have wanted this necklace for a long time… I originally thought how romantic it would be if Tex would buy this for me for my wedding present so I could always have a piece of him close to me. Trust me, I dropped the hint… And when that special day came, I waited in the cabin. Jordan, my matron of honor, took James his wedding gift while I sat there and waited on Connor, Tex’s cousin and also his best man. Well……James forgot my present. It was in the suite back at the hotel. Later that night, James gave me a small gift bag. As I reached in to pull out the jewelry box out, he says, your not going to like it, its gold. WHAT? How could this happen? I specifically gave him a picture of the exact necklace in silver that I wanted. I even book marked it on my macbook so it would be easy for him to find! How could he order something completely different? I went on to open the most horrific piece of gold jewelry I had ever seen. I tried to hid my disappointment but Tex knew. I hated that necklace, but now I love it. I would never wear it, but it is sitting in my armoire so I can look at it everyday and remember that moment. Six months later on our anniversary I ordered the necklace I wanted. The turn around time and shipping was quick. I had it in a little over a week. I was so excited to get the package. It came in this super cute little jewelry gift box. The necklace is sweet and simple. Its not bulky, I can wear it with whatever outfit I want and not have to worry about it. Texas isn’t your state? Don’t worry, you can order Oklahoma, California, or whatever state you fancy. If showing your state pride isn’t your thing they also have beautiful jewelry that isn’t state specific.

                   Bracelets                                    Earrings                                   Necklaces                                and Rings…

Go check them out at

footnote: this was not a paid advertisment. i just really love my necklace!

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