Monday, March 5, 2012

What I wanted to do...

What I wanted to do this weekend...

Yes, I know it sounds boring but I wanted to clean. I wanted to organize. I wanted to sort through old things for my garage sale. The weather has been so good here lately that I might be having a garage sale sooner than later.

What I actually did this weekend...

I spent time with this handsome man.

I spent even more time with this little rascal. 

We went shopping for all things Minnie Mouse.

After a long day of shopping, Tex took us to eat a big giant steak. Just kidding. About the steak part.

Then we came home and worked on Tatum's Minnie Mouse invites.
She loves them.

And we played with this little stinker some. She wasn't very happy this weekend. She spent Friday at the groomers. Shes the prudiest puppy I have ever weber seen!

And last but not least... I dyed my hair. Yes it's red.
I know.

Happy Monday! Have a great week!

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