Monday, March 19, 2012


Hi, how long has it been? A while…. I have come to terms that life is never going to slow down… or if it does, then something is wrong. Let’s start with last week.

Last Week

·         Left work at noon.
·         Took flowers to my Mammy to cheer her up.
·         Ran some last minute errands that have been put on the back burner lately.
·         Cleaned house and packed for our exciting trip to Texas.
·         Took the most amazing two hour nap, I needed that.
·         Had burgers and milk shakes with the mister at Fat Guy’s Burger Bar
·         Took Miss Bailey for a walk
·         Showered and went to bed.

·         Took the whole day off work.
·         Slept through my alarm and Tex’s. even after my nap the day before.
·         Woke up at 7:30am by Tex calling saying he was off work and wanted to know if I was ready to hit the road.
·         Rushed to get ready and finish packing.
·         8:12- Was on the road.
·         8:19- Doughnut shop, enuff said.
·         Arrived in Plano, Tx just in time to surprise Momma Tex as she walked out of her office to go to lunch.
·         Visited with Tex’s grandma
·         Helped Momma Tex pack and load things (she’s moving)
·         Went and ate dinner at the Windom Feed Sack. I love that place.
·         Tex tried to “fix” the lawn mower. Which resulted in a broken lawn mower. Even more than before.

The weekend.
This weekend was a bit of a blur. Keep in mind that we were spending the weekend in Texas to visit Tex’s family. He rarely has a day off, much less a whole weekend of for sure being off on vacation, no on-call whatsoever. So we decided to go. Saturday we woke up pretty early and Tex wanted to go mow and work out at his Grandmas. So we left Momma Tex’s and headed to Princeton. Tex spent the morning mowing and weed-eating while I cut down the shrubs, raked leaves and grass and visited with his Grandma.
While in Dallas I wanted to pick up some lotion from Nordstrom’s. Because we STILL, I repeat, STILL don’t have a Nordstrom’s in Tulsa. I know right? So after all the mowing was done, we showered and headed to North Park. It was my first time there.
So many stores! So many stores that we don’t have in Tulsa. I had to order my moisturizer, so it will be here sometime this week, but I did get some new lip gloss from Sephora and Tex bought us new coffee mugs from Anthropolgie. Yippee. 
After the mall we headed towards the West End in downtown Dallas to go to the aquarium. Unfortunatly the exhibits closed at 5pm. So we walked around and decided to go to the Pub and have a beer, it was Saint Patty’s day after all. Well, after a long night we agreed on just getting a hotel room there. Sunday we went back to Momma Tex’s, picked up our beloved Bailey Rae, said our goodbyes and headed home. After we got home of course there was tonnnnnns to do. Tex made me a clothes rack in our garage because our closet is too small. All in all it was a good weekend but was cut too short.

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