Tuesday, January 17, 2012

this week...

Im struggling with this week. 
I literally had SUCH a bad day yesterday by noon, I requested Friday off
and booked an appointment at drybar in Dallas for this weekend.
Everything was going wrong. 
My husband even came and took me to lunch and somehow
even that got messed up.
By the time I got home last night, I was exhausted.
Im normally such a light sleeper, well last night I didn't even hear 
Tex come in from work.            (Maybe he was just being super sneaky.) 
I woke up around midnight scared silly because
I felt someone next to me.
Don't worry,
it was just my husband...

My goals for this week...
1. Get through the week without having a meltdown.
2. Get through the week without saying anything stupid.
3. Get through the week without putting my clothes on inside out
(Not that I've done that)

Okay, Im done complaining now.

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