Saturday, June 9, 2012

iT's mY bLOggY-vErSaRY!

Thats right folks! Its been a WHOLE year since I started JUST ME & TEX!
Heres to many more!
Lets take a look at what has happened during the past year.

tex went on his very first strawberry picking adventure.

we took sweet pictures.

oh yeah, we got married.

tex bought a new matthews bow.

we snuggled alot with the pup.

we played alot with the pup.

we took pictures with the pup.

ate alotttt of mexican food.
its our fav :)

wedding napkins <3

tex grew a mullet.
just kidding,
its a wig.

i met ted russell kamp again.
hes still awesome.

photoshopped silly pictures of brc.

layed out in the pool with bailey.

tex took me to a NICE hotel in downtown dallas for a weekend.

we got matching tatts on our honeymoon.

lovey pictures.

our babe <3

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