Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Is it Tuesday or Wednesday?

I can't remember... Actually today feels more like a monday than any other. Tex did surprise me at work with starbucks on his way to catch the train. (<3tex) But that was the only perk of today. After work I came home and had a relaxing night alone. Well with Bailey.
     Anyways, the real point of this post...
Remember a milllion bajillion years ago when i got my itty bitty teeny tiny little squash plant? Okay so maybe it was a month ago. A friend from work gave it to me, and i brought it home. Tex told me that it wouldnt live. Not because Im terrible with plants but because we live in an apartment with no ground space. All of my plants and flowers are in buckets or planters and in my garden pallet. (I'll post pictures of that soon!)
Aparently squash needs to be planted in the ground with room to grow. But guess what??! Tex was wrong! My baby squash is growing! Heres a picture of it a few weeks ago:
She always has to be in the picture.

Heres some pics I took tonight:

Its looking great! It might not ever grow prize winning squashes but I have high hopes for it!

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