Thursday, April 12, 2012

It all started with a book...

  On our recent trip to Dallas we stopped off at North Park Mall. I had heard about this moisturizer from St. Tropaz that I had to get while were close to a Nordstrom’s. (We still don’t have one in Tulsa) SO while we were there I figured that we might as well stop by Anthropology- we have one back home but I don’t get to it very often. We ended up picking up some sweet new coffee cups that I’m absolutely in love with! 

 And on our way out I saw this book.

I didn’t buy it. Call me cheap, but I just couldn’t pay $25 for a book. So as soon as I got home, I got on Amazon. $10 brand spanking new. I’m not un-happy, I’m just not as happy as I think I should be. After all I have a great life. So what’s to be un-happy about? I guess you could say I’m content. So I have been reading this book, which is set up in months. I’m on February; it really has inspired me to make a lifestyle change. January, the first chapter, talks about boosting your energy and cleaning out all the clutter. This past weekend we organized and compiled things into keep or garage sale piles. Our little place is coming together nicely. It’s crazy how much stuff we cleaned out of our closets. We have so many clothes that we don’t wear. I can’t wait to have our garage sale and get rid of everything!
Stay tuned!

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