Thursday, March 22, 2012

BiTS + PiEcEs...

From last weekend, even though its already the weekend again...
St. Patty's Day 2012

Road trippin to Tejas.

angry bird band-aid. oohhh yeahhh.

bay bay at Momma Tex's house.

tex, working on momma tex's lawn mower.
check out those overalls. 
btw, no he didn't fix it. actually he made it worse.

dallas world aquarium. downtown dallas.
which we arrive 10 minutes after they closed.
we WILL get in next time!

more of DWA.

when we were too late for DWA, we decided to stop and have a beer at this place. The west end pub.
this is where the trouble started.

the drinks we started with...
fyi, irish car bombs are nasty!!!
mine was more like a 10 pile car up.

tex, at the drive through window. he couldn't wait anymore. ha.

bailey, the morning after. on our way back to oklahoma. with my headband i earned on st. pattys day.

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