Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Life... post moving.

Look! It’s me! I’m actually back online! After a week and a half almost two weeks of nothing but cleaning, unpacking, no internet, and dead air channels I am happy to announce that we are done moving! There are still a few boxes that I need to put in storage but besides that everything is great! We have cable and internet again and Tex says he’s starting to feel like a normal person again. Bailey has had a rough time with the move, for the first few days she just laid and moped around. She’s sad that she can’t go out by herself anymore and run free. She’s getting better though, and she has even met a few friends.

When we moved, we got ALL of our stuff out of storage. We have TONS and TONS of clothing. My closets were overflowing with clothes that we don’t normally wear but just don’t want to get rid of. So this weekend I came up with a plan, being the genius that I am… I went down to the Wal-Mart and bought one of those rolling clothes racks. I thought it was a brilliant idea and would fit perfectly in the garage. So I get home and put it together (completely impressed with myself that I did it all on my own) and put all of the clothes on it. And now my pantry is clean and it functions like a normal pantry does, not like a third closet. I decided to wait until Tex got home from work to wheel it out to the garage since it’s about 50 yards away and there are steps involved. Now Tex doesn’t like buying furniture or anything that needs to be sturdy from Wal-Mart, target, store like that ect… So I knew how he would take it… “Oh Ashley I can’t believe you wasted 10 dollars on this piece! It’s made to hold maybe 7-10 pieces of light clothing! Not 30-50 pieces of heavy coats and dresses! What were you thinking?” but instead I got “That’s a great idea, now we can actually use our pantry! And there’s plenty of room for it in the garage.” I was surprised. So we make it out the door and its already wobbling, twisting back and forth. “Man this thing isn’t very sturdy is it?”, asks Tex. Down the stairs we go and onto the parking lot…. Bam! We lost it. The top pole cracked and next thing I know there’s a pile of clothes laying on the concert. I was so embarrassed. And of course some car is waiting on us to pick up everything so they can park. Me and Tex are picking things up as fast as we can and putting back on the rack, making sure not to overload it. We finally get to the last handful and we just carry it. On we go! Not even a few feet and the damn thing falls apart again. “Alright now I’m getting irritated this thing is done for!”, Tex grippes. And all I could do is just fall down laughing. Tex is standing there picking clothes up off the ground and I’m laughing. “Why are you laughing?” he asks.  What else am I supposed to do? By that time I decided to just carry all of the clothing to the garage while he tried to “fix” the rack. And guess what, it might be a tad bit hillbilly but duct-tape really does fix everything!

How was your Valentine’s Day? Ours was great! I got up and made Tex pancakes and bacon for breakfast, Threw chicken in the crockpot for Crockpot Chicken Tacos for dinner that night, and exchanged love notes with Tex- all before we went to work that morning. We also gave Bailey her presents. Tex got a humongous bone and I got her another tug-o-war toy (like she needs another one.) When I got in my car, Tex had left me a dozen pink roses and tonnnnns of candy. He is so sweet! When I got home that night I was expecting the house to smell wondrous and delicious. How I imagine the Pioneer Woman’s house smells every minute of everyday. But it wasn’t. Bummer. I went over to the crockpot and lifted the lid, the chicken looked just as I had left it at 7:30. The crockpot wasn’t hot. The crockpot wasn’t even WARM! I moved it over and turns out I plugged the toaster in instead of the crockpot… Major fail. I threw the chicken out. It was still cold but I didn’t want to chance it. I cleaned up the kitchen and went on to order pizza. Tex had to work late last night so it wasn’t that big of a deal. When he did he home I gave him his bouquet I made and we watched the tv for a little while. The day didn’t go how I had planned but then again when does it?

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