Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A late post...

     Frustration.... i was going to blog last night, or at least the weekly words thingy that i do. Buttttt, we didn't get home til 8:30, we hadn't even ate, none of the laundry was done, and when i went to post my picture, it said that my webpage could not be found... WTH? Turns out the template i had it wasn't supporting anymore, or something, i don't know. i do my best just to type. So i changed the background image to this terrible, ugly, hideous, fake sky blue and i gave up. So here i am. 
            Anyways... on to happier times, yesterday was great! Amazing weather here in Oklahoma. After sleeping in all morning, Tex took me to lunch. We ended up coming back home, grabbing Bailey and headed out to my Dad's farm. We spent the day out in the sun with my family. We fished, rode four-wheelers, and hiking in the woods while my dad and uncle cut down and burned brush. i didn't get to take many pics but i did snap a picture of Bailey swimming in the pond. She love to swim!

It was a good weekend!

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