Thursday, January 12, 2012

The View's 4th Annual Mutt Show!

  Now... Normally I don't like the word "mutt". Its not a word that we use in the Tex household just for the simple fact that Bailey is adopted. And while technically she is, well a mutt we don't like to call her that. 
  So the story starts.... Monday I'm at work, working very hard... My mammy sends me a text message that was forwarded from one of her friends. The message reads:
                             Ohhhh and The View is having their 
                            annual pet show based on personality.
                                   Ashley should enter Bailey!

  And that was it. I had to find out more! Now you know Bailey has personality and I know Bailey has personality, but they don't. So Bailey sat down and wrote her a cute little entry and picked out one of her favorite pictures of herself (See below. I know, she's so conceited.) So cross your fingers for us, hopefully we will win!

For more information or to enter you "mutt" click the link below

Baileys Entry:

Hi Y'all! Im Bailey Rae Cyrus! Like Billy Ray Cyrus, but Im a girl!
 When Im not busy chasing those pesky squirrels out of my yard, 
playing with the horses, and stealing borrowing plastic garden decor 
from peoples gardens, I enjoy spending my days relaxing 
in the pool on our hot Oklahoma days. I also enjoy snacking 
on my Grand-Mammy's cereal and getting in some
 good quality time with my Mom and Dad!
Vote for me!
Love, Bailey Rae Cyrus

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