Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Moving Dayyy!

       Its official! Me and Tex are moving! We decided to hold off on buying a house for about a year just so we could get more established and save a little more money. So as much as Tex and I both hate it, were moving into an apartment. They are really nice apartments- don’t get me wrong. It just means downsizing, neighbors, and Bailey can’t run around crazy anymore. (She’s one crazy doggie.) I am excited though. What else does moving mean to us to me you may ask??? DECORATING!!! A new bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen! We actually have a bunch of brand new stuff we got for our wedding that we packed up and have been waiting to use until we do get to move. We are looking to downsize our king size bed, it takes up too much space and apartment bedrooms are tiny to begin with. I’m hoping to get our new bedroom designed before we move in this weekend. Here is some inspiration I’m using for our new home!

I love the yellow, white, and grey color scheme. And isn’t that shower curtain to die for? 
All images from westelm.com and anthropology.com 

Have a great Tuesday!!!

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