Monday, January 23, 2012

Drybar Dallas... a review.

  Let me start off by saying OMG. It’s a good thing that they don’t have a location close to Tulsa and that I have to drive so many miles to get there or I would be broke Tex would be broke.  But seriously, its AHHHHHMAZING! Our appointments were a bit strung out, we had one at 8:45, one at 9:30, and two at 10:00am. They were bangin’, super busy! For everyone that came out two would come in. They had to even turn one woman away because they didn’t have ANY more appointments left! The staff were super friendly. The décor was beautiful, white, yellow, and gray. They even had a light fixture made from yellow blow dryers hanging from the ceiling. Super cute place and clean! We arrived about 20 minutes before our first appointment and they got one of us in right away. They offered us drinks and little muffins, cookies, and doughnuts. I got a mimosa and a blueberry muffin.  My Mammy went first, then me, then Momma Tex, and last but not lest Morgan. Let me add, I went in there with my hair in a hot mess! Seriously, still wet and curly from the night before and up in a bun.. When I met my stylist she asked if I had ever been there before, how I wanted my hair, and a few more questions that made me feel more comfortable and at ease. Then we went to the wash room. It was the most comfortable head wash I had ever received. Most the time your stuck sitting awkwardly with your neck bent back in pain. Here, I was reclined with my feet up on an ottoman. I’m telling you this place is made for PAMPERING. I decided to get the Southern Comfort style, she really didn’t use very much product in my hair while blowing it out, and the MOST AMAZING PART OF ALL- my whole style, including my curls was done with just a brush and hairdryer! That’s right, no curling iron. No straighter. Nothing. Just a hair brush! The ONLY complaint I have is the stations and the walkway were a little too close together. When you walked through all the stylist would have to move out of the way and it seemed like they keep bumping into each other while styling hair. I can't wait to go back!
I give this place 4 out of 5 stars! 

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