Thursday, November 10, 2011

an update...

Bad day
Bad Week.

Its been pretty quiet here.
Heres Why:
This week has been the worst EVER! I had a fabulous time in Texas last weekend. Got my windows tinted on my brand new car, had a great girls night- dinner, drinks, & shopping. I came home Saturday afternoon and finished out my weekend. It was lovely.
Monday morning rolls around--------------------

On my way to work, on the highway, as usual, traffic is a dead stop. Suddenly Im rear-ended by a tahoe doing 55 MPH. My beautiful brand new car. HIT! The whole back end and side is GONE, CRUSHED, COMPLETELY WRECK! Oh its oh so sad. Its still upsetting and its been 4 whole days. So of course I called Tex and he came and rescued me. After two hours of dealing with the teenage girl (the one who hit me), the police, and the wrecker, we could finally leave. I ended up going to the ERgent Care because my back and neck were in pain.
It was a terrible day.
TUESDAY: I stayed home from work. I decided to take a pain pill the doctor had prescribed. I took it around 9, at 8pm that night I was still sick and nausas and throwing up. 
It was a terrible day.
WEDNESDAY: First day back at work. A million emails, nothing new. 
It was a long but okay day.
Wednesday Night... James wakes me up around 2am because Bailey is super sick.
And we are up the rest of the night.
It was a terrible night.
THURSDAY (thats today): Tired from hardly any sleep last night. 

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