Monday, October 10, 2011

BiTS + PiEcEs...

We went to Texas last weekend... And brought back a new car! Tex finally got tired of me driving (HIS) truck, so he bought me a new car!

This weekend wasnt very relaxing... We had Tatum Friday night, then we met my parents Saturday afternoon and dropped her off with them. We went to Shawnee to a birthday party and came back to Tulsa for dinner. We were so exhausted from such a busy day we were in bed by 9.

   Sunday morning we got up, cleaned and rearranged the bedroom. We met a guy interested in buying the Harley, went grocery shopping, and ate at a new place for lunch. After that we had to rush home so Tex could take a nap before he went to work that night. Sunday night while Tex was at work, I got alot of sewing done. I'm getting close to having everything pieced together! I'll post pictures when I'm done!

Not much rest at all this weekend... And I'm sure we won't get any this week. 

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