Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Oklahoma Heat

Our weather here in Tulsa has been outrageous, its been over 100 degrees for the past I don't know how many days. Last week it was seriously 112. And to think we used to complain when it was 97 degrees... Ha! The past three nights it has stormed and rained and rained. Which was nice cause we NEEDED it! 

DID YOU KNOW.... They make sunblock SPF 10? I went to walmart a few weeks ago when we had Tatum to buy some sunblock. I had never realized that sunblock was so expensive. With that being said, I bought the cheapest can I could find. When I got home Tex picked it up and said, "why would you buy SPF 10? What good is that gonna do?" Haha I didn't even look at the SPF. Oh well. I guess it was only $5.

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