Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Weekend

 Weekends are so much more valuable to me now that I'm working a true 8 to 5 job! That being said, I didn't get much done this weekend. Which is kind bad considering it was my last free weekend before the wedding. This coming Saturday is my Bridal Shower, the next Saturday is my hair appointment at 9 then my Bachelorette party that night! Annnnd the Saturday after that is the WEDDING!!! Here are some snap shots of the past weekend.

I accidentally dropped a bag of trail mix and Bailey was having a field day with it! Scooping it up in her mouth, eating it as quick as she could before I picked it all up!

BRC doing what she does best! EATING!!!

Making Wedding Cookies!

   Me & Tex goofing off!

Bailey's Wedding Dress.

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