Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Weekend...We've been on Vacation!!!

 Mini vaca that is! Saturday night Tex came in and woke me up. He was bored and decided we were going to take a mini trip back home to Texas since he had the next four days off, even Bailey got to go! We ended up leaving our house around midnight and got to his Moms house around 4am. Talk about being tired... Sunday we went to lunch and then made the drive to visit his Grandma. Tex gets so excited when we  get to go see his family! Its so cute! Sunday night we left Bailey with her Grammy and then Tex and I went to Dallas for the night. We stayed downtown at the Adolphus Hotel. 

 OMG so fancy, so pretty, I could live there. There are no words good enough to describe it. We checked in around nine, put up our bags and went out on the town. We found this little mexican cantina that we ate dinner and had drinks. Of course Tex had some Bud Light and I got myself a mango margerita. YUMMMM!

 It was karaoke night at the cantina and I kept begging Tex to go sing since he looks like Jason Aldean thinks he looks like Jason Aldean. Haha yeah I know. After dinner we went back to the hotel to get some rest! Bailey's grammy sent me pics of her and Bailey and told me goodnight.

 We got up bright and early Monday morning to grab some Starbucks and head on down to Harry Hines. 

I LOVE SHOPPING! I got tonnnns of stuff! Monday night we went back to Tex's Moms house to check on our Bailey and spend some time with family. We swam and grilled out! Tex made us some great steaks!

 We had a great weekend but Im so glad to be home! Im ready to catch up on some sleep!
Footnote: Sorry about the horrible quality pics. I always forget to take my camera with me so I have to use my iphone. 

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