Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mustang Love ♥

Its no secret I love Mustangs... When I turned 16 I got a green mustang. I had it for five years and this May we decided to finally sale it. It was a good little car but it was just getting too old and too many miles so we sold it. 

Last July Mr. Tex bought us a new sangria red Califorina Special Mustang GT 5-Speed. A badass car if I say so myself... I love loved that car. 

Even Bailey loved it!

Yes we are Cowboys fans in the Tex household!
and yes she has socks on so she doesn't scratch the leather.

Well... we traded in our Mustang last week!!! Even though Tex picked it out, he said he was just to big for it. Plus having Tatum every so often is just terrible getting a carseat and a baby in and out of a teeny tiny car. So.... What kind of vechicle do you think Tex picked out?

                            Well..... If you said a truck, your right! 

Of course it had to be a Harley Davidson truck. Its silly, he thinks it will match his motorcycle. Haha yeah right!

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