Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Weekend!

Friday night Tex had to work while I caught up on wedding projects. Butttt before he went to work he surprised me with some beautiful pink roses!!! So sweet! He got home Saturday morning rip and ready to go garage sailing. Tatum got to come and stay with us again so we picked her up and were on our way. Later Tex decided to go home and nap since we had a big night ahead.. so me and Tatum went and met up with my Mammy and we went shopping and to lunch. Saturday night our church was having its annual Fire On The Mountain Celebration. Its food, fun, and fireworks. They had big inflatable games and singing and horse rides. Tatum loved it. And so did Mr. Tex.
We missed church Sunday morning, boo! But we got alot done wedding wise. And I even planted a few flowers I had been putting off haven't had time to plant. 
Heres a few pictures of our weekend!

Footnote: Does Bailey look pathetic in this picture? She was upset the whole weekend because she had to share her mommy & daddy time with Tatum. Tatum went home Sunday and she is much better now!

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